Our Health‐Care‐System is sadly no longer able to fit the needs of our society. In 2015, 14.560
people waited for an organ transplantation; only 7.677 got one. In Luxembourg, there are in
average 65 patients each year waiting for an organ transplantation, even if two‐third will get
one, only 4‐9 organs are actually donated from Luxembourg (2009‐2013). On top of that, a
law was passed in Luxembourg forcing people willing to donate organs to have a donor card
on them, which further hinders fast actions. An organ transplantation is a matter of life and
death, one human dying every eight hours in Germany because of organ shortage. But not
only do people die because of a lack of organs, but also because the trafficking of organs
booms, depriving the poor people in need of one of their last opportunities to live…

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